Barnes Store Emporium & Cafe

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We at Barnes Store Emporium & Cafe believe in FRESH LOCAL SEASONAL food. Food that hasn't travelled hundreds, if not thousands of kilometers. Food that's not grown for maximum shelf life in a Supermarket and delivers little taste.

Our vision is home grown and home loved food, made the way food used to be made; uncomplicated, healthy and flavoursome. It is all about what we could get when. This, we believe has been lost as the Supermarkets want us to buy produce all year round.

The food we are buying from the Supermarkets has been stored in refrigeration for the best part of 6 to 9 months and you really are not buying fresh. Our Vision is to bring to our tables the freshest food that is in season and sourced locally to ensure flavour and dining experience second to none.

Please visit the Barnes Store Emporium and Cafe Website for more information.




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